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The New Arrival


Each time eawr Joe become a dad
He'd act aw posh and regal
An' hopin' it would be a lad
He'd book top room at th'Eagle

But every time he geet let deawn
As lass would follow lass
His brow would wrinkle in a frown
An' he'd scarcely raise his glass.

T'relations didn't mind one bit
Twelve lovely do's they'd had
They'd say---"Weel done Joe, this is it
Ten bob says it's a lad."

An then---when Joe were forty-eight
A lad! Eawr Joe went daft
Top room at th'Eagle groaned wi' t'weight
They supped, they skriked, they laughed.

"Who does he favver, Joe," asked one,
"Yore Jem, Yore Jack or Grace?"
Joe grinned, "Ah've no idea owd son,
Ah've ne'er looked at his face!"

Cliff Gerrard

It's glad Ah am t' see thi face
Tha gret bouncin' son o' mine
It's ard t' imagine tha no long agooa
Tha werr owny a thowt o' mine
Ah din't think tha Aah'd be blest,
So soon, wi a lad like thee
Bur ‘ere thi are fur aw t'see
Tha' God's bin good to me
Sich things we'll do t'gether
As tha grows up big an' fine
Eee, Aah never thowt Aah'd feel this way
When Aah saw thee, son o' mine
Cum, wi' thi Mam, inta mi arms.
Aye! Thurr's ample room fur thee
And let mi kiss thi little face
Fur tha's made us a Family!!

Colin Harvey

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