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Wick as thi cum wor Tommy,tho' noan owd enuff fer skoo
Anythin' is mates wer doin', young Tom'd ave a goo
An' then he geet ter swearin', is Mam wor worrit sick
Er knowed er ad ter stop im, but eaw t'do the trick?

Er wor towd t'tek no eed om im, t'wor wrung t'mek a fuss
But nobody towd young Tommy, that little lads don't cuss
Then er stopped his toffee an' ice-cream, gin im bed wi'out his tay
But no matter wor er did to im, young Tommy ad is say

Er ad t'fotch it whom t'im, so packed a little box
Wi' choclut and an ankie, is toothbrush and cleon socks
Er towd im bein a nowty lad, e couldn't stay no more
Gin im his box, an' wiped is nose, and showed im t' th'door

Er watched im through t'garden gate, e didn't goo so far
Sut deawn on t'flags, undid is box, an' etten t'choclut bar
Soon e wor back an' is Mam asked im, "What can I do fer yo?"
"Yo'll ave ter let mi cum back Mam, Ah've noweer ter ****** go!"

N. Hindley
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